Markers for Your E-commerce Site

2 Reasons You Should Use Credibility Markers for Your E-commerce Site

Business credibility is one of the most critical aspects to cultivate if you run an e-commerce site. While the real value of the term may seem fuzzy, customers have been known to make purchase decisions based on how credible the business looks.

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Credibility can be built by little things such as spellchecking and proofreading the content you post, organizing your site and establishing a seamless interface that customers can easily navigate. It also involves using markers like contact information, privacy policies, testimonials, security badges and authority certificates among other things.

But why should you go through all the trouble? Here is a look at the top 3 reasons why you should use credibility markers for your e-commerce site.

a) To gain customer trust and loyalty

As aforementioned, online customers often gauge the business credibility before they choose to spend money on the offers provided. If the e-commerce site does not look legit from the word go, then you will most likely lose prospects.

Markers such as reviews, testimonials, recognition awards and staff photos/bios can help settle customer nerves and doubts. Contact information and privacy policies also reassure prospects that they are dealing with a business that is both established and accomplished within its niche.

By just adding a few credibility markers on your website, customers who may not have heard of your business or brand will immediately notice your worth and associate you with reliability. This is one way to prove your worth to customers and keep them around.

b) Edge out competition

Although online shopping is a great experience, it comes with great concerns that range from sub-standard products and counterfeits to scams, fraud, and identity theft. E-commerce sites that cannot be seen as genuine businesses at a glance will struggle to make any sales. As a precaution, prospects look for certain identifiers that can be used to distinguish credible businesses from the rest.

Reviews and testimonials, for instance, can be used to gauge the reputation and reliability of the offers. Contact information and options can be associated with exceptional customer service while author pages are used to forge online relationships with your customers. Security badges provide the much-needed authenticity and safety.

By including credibility markers on your site, you will be putting your business one step ahead of competition that lacks enough markers to prove their legitimacy. It also improves the feel and looks of your brand in general.

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