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Silly Mistakes that Cost You Your E-commerce Sales

In terms of e-commerce, the conversion rate is the key. There are many elements of an e-commerce website that can go towards raising or lowering conversion rates. If you lose the interest of potential customers, then your conversion rate will suffer. The following are mistakes that cost you e-Commerce sales

    Make sure your website loads quickly People will not wait, there are a lot of sites out there selling what you’re selling already. When your website loads slowly, most visitors will opt to go to the other website. sell

Invest in good quality picturesProfessional photos are a must. People buy with their eyes. So, get high-quality images and improve them as much as possible without compromising on quality.     Add to cart The Add to Cart or Buy Now button should always be visible wherever possible. Keep it at the top of the page if you can, and make sure it fits (large size, bright colors, etc.).      The shipping price

Be clear about the shipping/delivery prices. Customers hate it when they arrive and suddenly face charges they did not know. Where possible always show the shipping price so that the customer always knows exactly what the cost will be.     Don’t force Do not force your customers to sign up for an account to shop at your e-commerce site. This isolates many people so do not make it a requirement. You can ask the customer to opt-in if you wish so you can track orders, etc., but do not force them to do so.

Inspire trust in your customers  Many people care about the security of their personal details. Use payment system logos, SSL certificates, and other information to prove that your site is a trusted and reputable.

Check the clarity of your content in different screen resolutions You may get a sudden display with less precision how of little of your content is on the initial screen and how much is raised by your logo and other information.

Simplify the checkout process Ideally, the purchase process should take as few steps as possible. If your client is ready to purchase, they have already done whatever thing they had to do and decided to buy the product. Pushing is boring – make it as straightforward as possible.

To avoid these silly mistakes your e-commerce business, you need to avoid the mistakes above.

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